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Delta Aircrew Training Center 

By Delta Professional Services

Airline Transport Pilot - Certification Training Program (ATP-CTP)

The Delta Aircrew Training Center operated by Delta Professional Services (DPS) received authority to offer the FAA-required ATP-CTP course in May of 2016. Our course is in full compliance with 14 CFR 61.156.  We offer an immersion into the inner workings of a major domestic and international airline operating under 14 CFR 121.  Over 4,800 pilots have completed our ATP-CTP course.
See behind the curtain and experience something that no other ATP-CTP provider can offer!
The cost of the course is $4,895. For those who are eligible, our course is approved for reimbursement by the Veterans Benefits Administration.

Train Like an Airline Pilot

Throughout our seven-day course, you will train with former airline captains from Delta Air Lines and other major airlines.  Our instructors are the best in the industry with decades of experience flying transport category aircraft.
You will train in the same flight training devices and full flight simulators used in airline pilot training.  Our curriculum content meets all requirements of Advisory Circular 61-138 and is based on current air carrier operations.


Must meet one of the below:
  • US Military Pilot or foreign equivalent
  • FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate, AMEL, with Instrument Rating or foreign equivalent

Course Includes:

  • 30 hours of classroom academics (not including FAA required tests)
  • 4 hours of flight training device instruction with pre/post briefings
  • 6 hours of full flight simulator instruction with pre/post briefings
  • Vouchers for FAA ATM knowledge test preparation material and PSI ATM knowledge exam 


Our course is conveniently offered in two locations: the Delta Training Center in Atlanta, Georgia, and Paramount Aviation Services in Miami, Florida. The standards program we utilize for our course ensures the curriculum taught in both locations is identical. Students receive the same information and are taught by the same first-rate instructors no matter their location.

Class Calendar

Browse the ATP-CTP class calendar to see when classes are available.  
Please note VA benefits can only be used at our Atlanta location.
Red denotes the class is full; yellow classes have limited seats (1 to 3) remaining; green classes are fully available.
Our classes tend to fill up fast, so check back often if you are interested in registering.  Click on Request Class Placement on the left to request the class date of your choice.  Please provide your second and third class date choices in the REMARKS block in case a class has filled up in the last 24 hours.
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